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A vintage faith community in downtown Holland, Michigan

manna? is a vintage faith community that meets in downtown Holland, Michigan at the corner of 9th and Central.
Our Sunday service is at 10:00 AM.
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Church on the Mall

Posted by Ed and Lois

Lois and I tonight drove up to Grand Rapids for the opening concert of Blues on the Mall. We had gone once last year and I remembered then being struck with the abundance of community being displayed openly in public. Tonight we again witnessed community as I think God intended. People of all races, ages, hair colors, and piercings gathered together to celebrate. A Matthew party at its finest. There were blocks of vendors selling hot dogs, beer and ice cream.(and soda pop) Kids rolling down grassy knowles and laughing out loud.  The music was incredibly loud and you could feel the bass thumping in your chest. People dancing and singing and having a good time. It was the best church picnic we’ve ever been to.  God shows up in some incredible places, but why should we be surprised. 

Blind Lemon Ed

(5) Comments  | 06/16 at 09:58 PM

Beaten Down

Posted by Crissa Boyink

Last night my family went out for dinner. Two men sat down at the next booth. One man stated that he hadn’t attended church for a while and felt that that no one had missed him.

The other, a pastor began talking (and seldom came up for air).
  - I did notice your absence, and I’m disappointed.
  - I’m so busy—just today I’m visiting three people (you’re the second), I’ve been in staff meetings, writing sermon notes, etc.
  - I’ve kept tabs on you, even though I haven’t communicated with you (nevermind that my “source” provided me with incorrect information).

Why couldn’t this pastor just say, “I’m sorry. What can I do for you right now?,” rather than accuse and make excuses?

My heart ached for this man! I just wanted to interrupt the conversation and shield this man from the haughty words spoken by the pastor. Where was the love? the grace? the reflection of Christ?

I pray as Manna (un)officially kicks off in July that I become better-equipped as a disciple of Christ so that next time I’m in this situation, I’ll be able to react rather than sit by and watch another soul beaten down.

(7) Comments  | 06/16 at 09:16 AM

Manna Hits the Web

Posted by Mike Boyink

Welcome to the new Manna website.  Things are mostly functional - but I’m continuing to make some tweaks as I figure out the tool this site is built on.

The site structure will basically be two areas - the home page, and everything else.  Everything else being the “static” information that doesn’t often change - the About statement, contact info, etc.

The home page is a basic “blog” - intended to be an always-changing area of discussions, updates, thoughts, links to local events where Manna will be, links to interesting sites, etc.

And it’s a “group-thang” - in other words, don’t contact me to put something on the site.  Contact me to find out how you can post something on the site.  All you need is a login, an internet connection and a web browser.  Or if you’re truly a geek, I can setup the site so you can update it from your internet-enabled cell phone…;)

Anyway, take a look, leave some comments, register - see what you think!

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So Where and When?

Posted by Mike Boyink

So where and when does Manna meet?

Good question.

And the answer is….we’re still working on a week - by - week basis for our gathering times.  This coming Sunday we’ll be at Centennial Park at 6:00PM.

For times further out than that—just contact us, and we’ll let you know.

(1) Comments  | 06/10 at 06:52 PM
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